At a time where most teenagers are exploring the world and their new found freedom so many teens and young adults are losing theirs to their illness/disability.  Their is a major gap in support, knowledge and understanding of life with a chronic condition. Chronic Youth Australia is a social enterprise founded by Elina Passant. Led with a mission for change. 50% of all profits from every product  are put  towards creating resources and education tools to help fill the gap. For  youth around Australia and the world, with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Created by and featuring those who understand it the most, teens and adults living with chronic illness and disabilities.

Chronic Youth Australia’s apparel line features products with designs that everyone, both abled-bodied and disabled can relate and connect to. Whilst providing the opportunity to advocate for yourself and or others in everyday subtle way.As well as a form of connection to other people around the world. Similar to how sports jerseys unite people, We wanted to create a sense of community #chronicyouthcrew and a physical reminder that your not alone in what your going through.

All our products are made to order, and customisable with sizing and design. Therefore your order is made especially with you in mind!

Chronic illness and disabilities can make you feel invisible and incredibly isolated. It can break down your sense of self and confidence in your own body. It can turn your whole world upside down in a moment. 

Our aim is to make you feel seen, heard and understood. That you matter and what you have to say matters. To feel supported and know there are others out there that understand what your going through. To have access to helpful and adaptive tools and advice, to help you manage and feel more confident in day to day life. For you to feel represented and know that your presence makes a difference in the world. That your difference makes a difference