Apparel FAQ

Printed on demand means products are printed and shipped only after an order is placed, so there is no need to hold inventory. It’s also kinder to the earth as it reduces the waste of any leftover unwanted stock that the fashion industry is notorious for.

Ultimately it means your apparel was made just for you!

Understanding the impact clothing has on chronic pain we spent 2 years sampling and testing the brand options for our apparel. AS colour had the softest apparel out of everything we tried. Some things to keep in mind:

  • There are tags on all the products
  • Read the sensory warnings on each product listing, whilst our regular hoodies are made with soft fleece the cropped ones are made with a different material that make them light weight but rougher against your skin.
  • The mens graphic tees have a slightly softer finish than the womens

No but we used to, our original statement sleeve hoodies were made from home using vegan vinyl. But with managing chronic illness and the unpredictability’s that come with ill health we ultimately decided to make the best apparel we could we needed a helping hand.

Create Apparel is an Australian based company who is in charge of printing, packing and shipping all of your wonderful orders.

Unfortunately, with print on demand we are not able to provide any returns if you order the wrong size. so please double check your orders before placing them.

Refunds can also only be provided on a case-by-case basis depending on degree of fault of product, ie misprint or damage.

Having experience with chronic ill health it was our upmost importance to ensure no one was becoming unwell at the cost of making our apparel

Sweatshop free indicates that the products are made in good working conditions, where the employees are treated fairly The aim of sweatshop-free wish to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, non-poverty wages, no harassment and have a safe work environment.

Read more about AS colours product production line here

Apparel Features

– Sweatshop Free
– Printed On Demand using ecofriendly ink
– Designed by a chronically ill, disabled artist
– Shipped from Australia

+ so much more!

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