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About Brand

⁣Chronic Youth Australia is a profit for purpose brand. Created to support, empower and connect the youth of Australia living with illness and disabilities. Our aim is to fill the gap in support for managing day-to-day life with adversity. Developing empowering products that provide the opportunity to advocate for yourself and or others. Whilst also educating and creating the space to connect the abled and disabled in Australia.⠀

As profit for purpose brand Chronic Youth Australia is led by a mission for change, 50% of all profits are put towards changing the lack of support and connection in Australia. As it is miles behind the rest of the world with care and support for chronic illness and disabilities. In a time that most teens are exploring their new found freedom so many others are losing theirs to their illness and or disability.⠀

Our main resources are lacking the understanding of the reality many face day to day. You see a doctor for physical and are sent to a phycologist to cover the mental aspect. But the reality is neither are equipped with the answers to the millions of questions running around your mind. Like how do I manage school, maintain friendships  or find my new normal when my life feels upside down?I’ve found the most support from talking to others with a whole range of illnesses and disabilities and learnt new tools that I incorporated into my daily life. But it took me 8 years of illness to ever meet anyone like me. I want to bring their advice and many others to every chronically ill and or disabled teen and young adult. As well as those who are abled bodied, to help bridge the gap in support for one another. Through resources and products created by and featuring those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Tackling isolation is much harder, but I know that feeling a part of something and being heard was what helped me the most. So I decided to develop products, to provide the opportunity to advocate for yourself and or others. Similar to how sports jerseys unite people, I want to create a sense of community and comfort, so you could have a physical reminder that  your not alone in this fight.