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Founders Story

Elina Passant is a 17 year old Australian teen who happens to have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome aka hEDS. A rare genetic condition that effects every aspect and system in her body, but that wasnt always the case. 
When she was little Elina was an active and pretty average kid minus a few odd symptoms. It wasn’t until she was eight and got an unknown virus that hEDS begun to show itself and continued to become more prominent after a bad horse accident.⠀
Once hormones decided to kick in Elina quickly became bed bound, her world became her bedroom for over 2 years. In the time teens are exploring their new found freedom, she was losing hers.That is when Elina discovered her passion for blogging, writing became not only an  escape but eventually also an outlet to deal with her new normal.⠀
Elina’s  new normal is definitely not what she would have ever expected for her life, but she trying to make the most out of it. Elina is now an advocate for the chronic illness community, works with an incredible charity InvisiYouth and get to work on her own passions  like Chronic Youth Australia. It gives her a reason to get out of bed each day and a sense of purpose within the day to day craziness. 

Elina’s Blog: